Markus Maurer

TEDx License

Markus is digital at heart! Or as he would put it: He lives the internet. Markus is a Digital by Heart! Since 2011, he has turned his passion – the connected world – into a profession and is Head of Farner Lab at Farner Consulting AG. Connecting people – is his passion and vocation. He has been on the Internet as @kusito for a long time. According to him, there is no better city to live in than Bern. At the moment he is completely into Voice user Interfaces.

Fabienne Weber

TEDx Co-License & Communication

Whether professionally or privately, Fabienne is all about connections! At the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Fabienne connects Switzerland with Southeast Asian countries. At TEDxBern, it is connections between individuals and experiences, and in her Yoga classes Fabienne learns to connect body and mind.

Fabian Wassmer

Advisory & Dramaturgie

Fabian has been in the event business for years. Until recently as the COO of the Swiss Economic Forum, but now with his own venture, the LINDEN Live Learning Labs. He loves it when a plan comes together, but also needs the thrill of improvisation. The Bernese Oberlander gets his vision and the necessary balance in the mountains. Or during a hockey-game with his two kids.

Claudia Wyss

Location, Food & Beverage, Helfer

Claudia lives for events. In both her professional life as project manager and food & beverage coordinator at Swiss Economic Forum AG, and privately when she prefers to visit food festivals – with or without her Peruvian apron. Claudia always engages with a lot of passion and an ever better filled experience backpack. Claudia finds balance in and around the beautiful green river “Aare” in Berne.

Silvan Forster

Partnerships & Finance

Silvan has been fascinated by the digital world for years and is involved with the latest digital business models. He lives his passion in his job as Head of New Business for Migros Aare.
As a genuine Bernese guy, Silvan can be found on, in or near the river Aare in the summer and in winter, he spends his time in the mountains or on the ice hockey rink.

Sandro Hostettler

Head Tech, Ablaufkoordination & Eventregie

Sandro’s superpower is pushing the right buttons and pulling the right levers at the right time. As Head Tech he takes over the responsibility and coordination for all technical aspects of the event. Part-time as Digital Marketing Manager on the road, he invests the rest of his time for companies and projects that pursue a good cause. As a native of the Bernese Oberland, he is often out and about in the mountains with his paraglider.

Sulamith Scheurer

Social Media

Sulamith is enthusiastic about new and inspiring ideas that change the world. New ideas are not only her passion, but also her profession. In everyday life she accompanies teams and companies in developing and implementing innovative solutions. At the moment she is doing a part-time study in Stockholm to broaden her horizon.



With Simona, everything revolves around the next story. Whether blogging for Bärner Meitschi, lying on the beach with Hermann Hesse or writing for TEDxBern – cleverly lined up words have allways caught her eye. The Germanist also tells stories professionally, namely as marketing and communications manager for blood stem cell donation at Swiss Transfusion SRC.

Anna Urwyler


Anna is interested in cultures, languages and cameras, likes exciting conversations and discussions with people and loves to see the world through a lens. With her experience behind the camera, in social media and in communication she supports TEDxBern especially in the implementation of multimedia events, but helps wherever needed.

Wais Ghanizada

Website Coordinator

Wais a tech enthusiast and self-declared geek, he started his work as a marketer in late 2013 in Afghanistan. In 2016 he came to Switzerland. He loves social events and used to cooperate with TEDx Kabul, he met Markus at one of TEDx events in late November 2019 in Zurich, since than he joint the TEDxBern family. His main focus is on using technology to support purpose-driven ventures, particularly social enterprises and non-profit organisations.

Previous Organizers

Pamina Gisler, Raphael Reber, Bastian Widmer, Ursula Wyss, Matthias Stürmer, Christian Hirsig, Christina Taylor, Sébastien Hug, Alex L. Phillips, Eva Lüthi